Pollinator Month

Did you know that June is national pollinator month? In Colorado alone there are over 950 species of bees and 250 types of butterflies, but pollinator populations across the globe are declining. With just a few days left to celebrate here are tips on creating pollinator friendly habitats that last year-round:

  • plant native flowers in your yard – look for a seed mix at your local garden center
  • make seed bombs with native seeds, like wild sunflower, and throw them into empty lots or barren stretches along roads
  • avoid using chemical pesticides and herbicides (neonicitinoids and glyphosates) that may harm friendly insects, birds and more
  • provide shelter and food for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds and bats – make a native bee hotel, hummingbird feeder, or butterfly puddler
  • visit the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife site for more inspiration!

If you enjoy having flowering plants and trees or eating fruits, veggies and honey, go thank a pollinator!


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