Practically Perfect Perennials

For Mother’s Day we ordered a few plant packages from High Country Gardens and the whole family has been busy prepping garden beds and getting the new perennials planted. The plants arrived in various boxes which we sorted through based on where we wanted them – High Country Gardens also sends layout options with planting maps and info on each plant to help you select the best location for them in your yard. We started by amending the soil in a few areas and building up beds, adding a mix of top soil and organic compost. Then we laid out the plants, making adjustments and swapping them around until each one was in the perfect spot. After digging a hole for each plant  we would add a few handfuls of compost and a spoonful of re-mineralizing plant booster, then break up the roots of the plant a bit and secure it in its new home. Before giving them all a good soak we added a layer of bark and wood mulch to retain moisture and reduce weeds.

The plans that High Country sent are easily adaptable  to various yard areas of all shapes and sizes – we chose to follow our own design and added plants into existing garden beds. Many of the perennials and shrubs will grow a lot in the next few seasons so the beds may feel a bit empty at first. We bought and spread a wildflower seed mix in some of the bare areas between plants. Here’s a list of some of the plant collections we put in:

  1. “Some Like it Hot” collection: Salvia May Night (May Night Meadow Sage), Penstemon pinifolius (Pineleaf Penstemon) and Achillea filipendulina Coronation Gold (Coronation Gold Yarrow)
  2. Hummingbird Attracting Collection for the West: Penstemon davidsonii, Agastache cana Rosita or Zauschneria canum v. latifolium Northfork Coral, Agastache rupestrisPenstemon mexicali Red Rocks
  3. Drought Resistant Collection: Agastache rupestris, Stachys Maxima, Hidcote Blue Lavender, Artemisia Powis Castle, Helichrysum tianshanicum

Check back later in the summer for updates and photos of the new plants!


Spring Plant Sale!

Spring has sprung and if you’re ready to add some new native or xeric plants to your yard – or maybe grab a last minute perennial present for mom – look no further than Spring Plant Sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens! Admission to the gardens is free on Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th, BYOW – bring your own wagon. New this year there will be water symbol stickers on the drought tolerant plants, making it easy to select the perfect array of water smart varieties. Horticulture staff and knowledgeable volunteers will be on hand to answer all your gardening questions.

Ice plant

Flowering ice plant ground cover helping out honey bees