No Yard? No Problem

If you live in an apartment or townhouse it may not seem like you have the space or resources to become a backyard habitat steward. Maybe you do have a yard or green space nearby, but the landscaping decisions are made by your landlord or the complex owners, etc. There are several space saving solutions you can implement in order to grow xeriscape and native plants around your home! Hanging Garden

The hanging garden pictured here was planted by elementary students during a camp I taught over spring break. I purchased a hanging shoe organizer from Target (here’s an even fancier bamboo one for under $19) and we filled the pockets with potting soil mix and herb seedlings. This project could easily be adapted with native grass or wildflower seeds (pollinators will thank you!), and can hang on a balcony or fence. You can trim off layers of pockets to best fit your space, or purchase a different sized shoe organizer. Make sure that it is canvas or a similar fabric material so that the soil can drain.

If you have space on a small front step or patio, pots and container gardens are a great option. Plant Select has a petites collection of water smart plants that are small in size and would be perfect for containers. Many of these tiny plants are used in rock garden designs at the Denver Botanic Gardens, such as Fire Spinner® ice plantSilverton® blue mat penstemon, and Blue Jazz® pinyon pine, a dwarf conifer.


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